Nail That Skinny Look with These 8 Best Kept Secrets of Slimming

Looking skinny demands rigorous exercise regimen as well as a clean, gluten-free diet. If you don’t have time for that right now, yet wish to look like a sculpted fashionista, then follow the below mentioned pointers. They will surely slim down your appearance in no time at all.

1. Ace up good posture


Standing erect easily tires you out when your body is bearing extra 10 pounds. So the first secret of mastering the skinny look is – standing straight with tummy in, upright back and perked-up shoulder blades. It may sound as military rule for the uninitiated, but a couple of rounds of practice will surely make your posture lean. Waist trainers and corsets can help you do achieve this.

2. Side panels increase the ‘illusion’ quotient

Scarlett O’Hara from ‘Gone with the Wind’ had a natural hour-glass figure. But for us mere mortals, side panels can do this trick.

Do keep note that navy blue panels as well as black panels create the illusion, that your body has achieved the perfect cinched waist in actuality.

3. Suck your tummy in- with corset


Sucking your tummy in is another hazardous process. But to lift up your hotness quotient, this fashion secret is quite inimitable. That’s why it’s all the more important to collect must-haves like corsets in different colors and designs for your closet.

Just make sure that you get the best fabric in town as the corset will stick to your body for the longest period of time, whenever you go out.

4. Invest on dark-colored bottom wear

From pitch-black pencil skirt to a pair of chocolate brown khaki pants- dark bottom wear defines your lower body part. If you are a denim aficionado, then go for boot-cut or straight denim pants. Don’t fall prey to the recent trend of embellished denims or the shredded ones. They can make your legs look huge.

5. Accentuate your height

Sometimes, even super models grimace on the thought of wearing heels for photo shoots or ramp walks. So you are not alone on the ship. But you know what? Wearing minimum 2-and-1/2 inches heels is mandatory to stretch out your legs. Also peep-toe heels look good on curvy body, as they never make you look stockier.

6. Never go for chokers

A chocker looks great with an off-shoulder gown or an androgynous suit look. But this is a complete no-no when you are short-on-height and have chubby face-and-neck. Instead of that, wear long necklace that touches your navel.

7. Spend money on bespoke clothes


The high-street fashion may come with great variety but it still lacks the ‘oomph’ factor when it comes to the ideal body measurement. If you have the means, then collect at least 4-5 personalized dresses for special occasions in your wardrobe- just for the sake of ideal fits.

8. Side-bangs are ‘in’

No one can defy the significant role hairstyle plays in trimming down your figure. Side-swept bangs form an eye-catchy fashion for your tresses that tone down the chubbiness. In the off chance you are getting it, make certain that the bangs shouldn’t be smaller in length than the midpoint of your nose.

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