Latest Trend: Hot Pink

I’m going to be honest here. These past few months I’ve been skeptical of the neon trend, remembering days long ago when my fluorescent green shorts mixed with yellow and pink gummy bracelets = tragic.


However, as of today (when I accompanied my neighbor, the Waist Trainer Girl, on an impromptu shopping trip) I became 100%, entirely sold on the hue.

She wore the perfect pink neon shoes.


This may have had to do with a certain Furla wallet, or the sordid affair I’m having with her shoes (top shot), but it all became most clear when I laid eyes on this table and room.


I think we have this  same table in orange, which makes me super jealous.

After having a long discussion with her, We both agreed about that the trend change too fast and right now wearing neon colours are quite trending so, I thought to share this article with you all so that you can be aware about the latest trends.


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