Some easy ways to get rid of bacne

When you are breaking out on your face or body, some spots really suck. But at least that flaw on your face can be easily covered juxtaposed to that pop up on your back. To save your skin, these ways that will completely remove the bacne and any other pesky body acne, once and for all.


1. Understanding what causes bacne

If you suffer from breakouts on the face, you are likely to suffer from blemishes on your back. Blocked pores on your back can also occur due to your hair products sliding down your back and clogging your pores, or maybe from not showering or drying your back with a cleansing wipe after a workout.

No worries, you can treat your bacne with the same products and ingredients you use for your face.

2. Use an acne fighting system

Make sure you keep your back skin clear by treating it in the same way you do with your face, by applying an acne-fighting system. Firstly, use a salicylic-based wash to fight bacteria that can cause pimples. Then, use it with an alpha and beta hydroxyl-acid that contains a gel which helps slough away pore-clogging dead skin cells. If you just want to treat some spots during a month, the kit has a treatment that you can use only on the trouble areas.

And if you are prone to more acne, this kit has those too. Try to use glycolic acid pads daily, the kit contains Max Complexion Correction Pads that has 4% of the ingredient to deeply and chemically clear the dead skin cells and help stimulate cellular turnover.

3. Suds up with a soap that clears acne

Whether you believe it or not but the hair products you use can cause back breakouts. Because they contain some ingredients that are only designed to cling to hair, but they may stick to your skin and clogging up your pores.

To get rid of these blemishes, first, wash and clean your hair, then use soap on your body to wash away any residue. You can even keep a towel over your back before you use any hair product to prevent future breakouts.

4. Soap up with a gentle cleanser

You use a body wash for acne but your skin cannot handle acne-fighting ingredients like salicylic acid, get a cleanser packed with fresh fruits extract to exfoliate and cleanse the skin.

5. Use a gentle wipe to keep bacteria away

To avoid the dry skin on your back, try using gentle, oil-free wipe to clear off bacteria before your workout. Then after you are done with the exercise and stuff, use medicated wipes to remove the amount of dirt, oil and bacteria from causing a blemish before you shower.

6. Reach for a medicated spray

One of the main problems with bacne is that it is hard to reach. Solution to this is, a formula you can spritz on. All thanks to the easy use of the mist that contains retinol and salicylic acid and you can spray it on from any direction.

If you prefer medicated wipes, try this out after you work out and you’ll feel much better.